Velvet Crimson BeetTomApple Mix

A toast to good health in the morning is this Beet mix, that is what I would love to call it. There are umpteen benefits of beetroot, tomatoes, and apples. Need I say, ” An apple a day keeps the doctor away.” You all knew it, but did you add it to your breakfast mix to keep the doctor away? I don’t think so, oh, but not so guilty again. This easy and health juice recipe that can be rustled up within minutes, effortlessly, is your elixir to usher energy and feel a total gung-ho! to start your day. Oh, did you say tired? fatigue? So…passe and no more in the lexicon with a glass of this healthy juice to your daily routine.

Recipe for exuberant energy

1 small size beetroot, peeled

1 tomato chopped

1 apple de-seeded, chopped

Pinch of turmeric powder

Pinch of black pepper powder

2 bags of herbal tea(flavor of your choice)

2 table spoons honey

Serving 2 glasses of vibrant health

How To

Blend the chopped mix.

Prepare herbal tea

Mix all ingredients in a tall glass

You can additionally add chia seeds, herbs of your choice, and strawberries if you wish.


Flushes toxic waste from the body, purifies bloods, eliminates possible tumors, glowing skin, zero fatigue, more energy. Not heavy on your stomach. The herbal or green tea mix makes it antioxidant rich keeping every chronic ailment possible miles away from you.

Health – Two Thumbs Up!! Yay!!!

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