Crack-a-lacking Potato Mint Nosh

I made potato curry, typical Indian style, and I had no mood to eat it like it is all day. So, I thought, lets do something crack-a-lacking with this( Hello, Marty, You are most Welcome!). When it comes to good health, I got to tell you, it comes in easy 20 bucks. This is how. Now say, yaya yeah, yeah yeah yay, you got my like!!(humming Song from Travis brit pop band, always my favourite).

Indian Potato Curry to Potato Mint Nosh in the making!!

Ready, Steady, Go~!!Here comes the easy and crack-a-lacking!!

It only took a few minutes to get it ready, unlike your girlfriend, haha!!


Half cup gram flour

Half cup semolina

Pinch of turmeric

Pinch of chilli power

A dash of oregano

Pinch of garam masala (or a mix of your favorite spices)

Chopped coriander and mint leaves

Mint and green chilies paste

Ginger garlic paste

Oil a few table spoons

Wheat flour or rice flour to dust

Command Line For The Crispies

Make a batter of the potato curry. For those who want to make it from scratch can use mashed potatoes.

Potato curry batter mixed with coriander, mint, green chillies and all ingredients

Add mint-chillies paste, and all the ingredients and make a batter

Mix salt as per your taste. Add oil in a pan, low simmer. Omg!! is it looking oily? tissues papers where are you? and its all sorted, no more extra calories..oh, bella, you got nothing to worry at all, you can smile and wave, just like the Madagascar penguins!!

prepare small rolls by dusting it with wheat or rice flour to make it crispier

Cook in the frying pan until golden brown (toss it on both sides to make it crispier)

And its Ready, Tada, sans the oil and all yummy and nutritious!! do away with the extra oil with a tissue paper before you serve it on your platter and you have already lost a few calories!!

A yum and nutritious recipe for who say no to the healthy greens. You can prepare these healthy snacks within minutes and add some crispier taste to your platter. On a typical rainy day, or a relaxed evening, enjoy it with Chai (Indian tea). I do not discourage fad diets, its an individual choice. I believe in conscious eating, it makes nutrition fun and takes the boredom out of it!

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