Aromatic Brown Rice Paella

Its early morning, like 4 am and I have to tell you, cooking is meditative. All by myself, with nothingness in my mind, I rustled up an dressed-up twist in the traditional Spanish Paella. Brown rice has multiple health benefits, so why not? It has taken an hour and a half to prepare and cook it with love! This is not a dish you can rustle up in a jiffy! Its a work of love, and takes time, so be patient.


Pinch of oregano, turmeric, cinnamon powder, 3 cloves, chilli flakes

1/4 tea spoon nutmeg and cardamon powder

Handful of brown or black raisins

Julienne bell peppers(1), carrots(1), tomatoes(1) (roasted with black pepper powder)

Sliced onions(2), tomatoes(2)

1 tbsp black pepper powder

1/4 piece ginger grated

3 tbsp sesame seeds(white), 1 tbsp onion seeds, 1 mace piece chopped (roast and make a powder)

1 bunch coriander and 2 green chillies paste

3 tbsp chillie flakes

2 cups brown rice

1 tbsp oil

1 cup green peas boiled

salt to taste

Now, the curtain of making the recipe, opens!!

Take a flat pan, add oil, fry onions until slight brown, add tomatoes and stir

Add all the spices and the sesame, mace, onion seeds powder

Add 3 cup of water or vegetable stock, stir

add brown rice and cook for 20 minutes

Add raisins, stir for a few minutes

Add coriander and green chillie paste and let it cook for a few more minutes

Add grated ginger and salt, stir

When the brown rice is ready, it sits at the bottom

Garnish it with roasted bell peppers, carrots, tomatoes and peas.

Top it with black pepper powder and oregano flakes(optional)


It has high nutritional value. Sesame seeds, onion seeds, mace come with excellent health benefits that are a good boost for metabolism. The aroma and ingredients that I have chosen balance the taste and do not make it spicy. This is a mellow and smoother version rich in nutrients and not heavy on your stomach.

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