Magical Superhero Quinoa For Bombastic Energy

Be A Superhero Snacking on Magical Quinoa

Super food? Say, yeah yeah yeah, anytime of the day, because a bowl of Quinoa could keep the apples away(if you are not a fan of apples). On a quaint evening, after doing some fiction writing and illustrations, I write fantasy fiction( yas yas, you can read my fantasy fiction from this link and enjoy this super bowl of super food), so I thought, why not create a magical bowl of Quinoa that gives the energy of a superhero from sci-fi movies.

Its good that times have changed and there is less obsession with staying productive. You can rustle up this easy recipe at any time of the day and give it your own twist. I have tried to keep it as healthier as possible, so here goes!!


2 tomatoes, 1 bell pepper, 1 small onion, 1zuccini, 5 broccoli florets chopped

handful of green beans julienne

1 tbsp paprika, turmeric, nigella or onion seeds, chia seeds

Pinch of cinnamon (add spices of your choice)

Salt as per taste

1 bowl quinoa

A few sprigs of parsley, mint, and oregano

1 tbsp oil

Oh! so easy to make recipe….loading…

In a pan, heat oil, add onions and saute

Add carrots, broccoli, zuccini, bell peppers, green beans,cook for a while

Add all the spices, stir

Add tomatoes, stir again, for 60 seconds( no, don’t go by exact time, hehe)

Add the bowl of Quiona, stir

Add 2 small glasses of water for every thing to cook, keep stirring

As it is about to be ready, add 4-5 small cubes of cheese( wouldn’t recommend if it does not suit you)

cook and add chopped parsley and mint, add salt to taste

Stir until ready and Viola!

I gotto tell you, I was so tempted to add sauce, but I controlled myself. You can add it for taste it wouldn’t hurt, just a spoonfull of sauce of your choice. I would recommend red chilli or hot and spicy sauce, but then its your wish as a finale garnish like a show stopper.

Health benefits

Umpteen, snack on, have it for breakfast, or anytime of the day. It takes only 20 minutes of preparation and loads of good heath. This is considered the world’s best super food.

You know what it says to free radicals and cancer cells? Shoo shoo,,,don’t come near me..

Highly nutritious, loaded with vitamins and minerals, my my, that’s why its called the super food.

Great for those who want to diet.

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