Nutty Grilled Low-Fat Sandwich

So, I was on a long hiatus, but I promise to update this blog at least once a week with a healthy recipe. What is someone tells you, ‘go make me a sammich,’ just like the LOL cats, you would do it with love, and why not, who does not like a nice platter of sandwich.

But here is a twist, there’s no mayo and you have to say ‘cheese,’ well, yes to that ingredient already. Seriously, thought, ordering food late in the night is like, am in two minds, do I have to do it? How about make a sandwich myself, without taking the regular route. Now, now, is that road less traveled?

Putting aside, philosophy and poetry, my stomach is grumbling for some coffee and sandwich. So, I came up with this. Hope you find it healthy and tasty. You know, sometimes, when you just have to munch a midnight snack, and you have to make it, and you know you love to make it but you are also getting impatient, don’t stick the veggies to the sandwich with some gum, it’s a bad idea, don’t do it, nada nada, nada.

Amandine is so French, I thought of calling it with a nice name and suffix of ‘Tapas,’ but wouldn’t that be Spanish without a tinge of Spanish ingredients, unless you come up with your very own version of sandwich tapas, do let me know. Anyhu, let’s get started. I am using simple and basic ingredients, nothing too complicated.

The Unveiling Of Ingredients…and the drama unveils

4 loafs brown bread

2 cheese slices

sliced onion(1), capsicum(1), tomatoes(2)

chopped cloves of garlic (5-6)

Chopped almonds and resins (handful)

Pinch of chilli flakes, mixed herbs, oregano(my favourite)


Heat some oil and roast all the veggies, chopped garlic lightly for a few seconds

Add spices, herb mix, copped almonds and resins

Add a pinch of salt to taste

Now, is the best part

Add one slice each on two brown bread loafs

Place other two loafs on top of it and cut them into triangles

Remove the top loaf covers and fill cheese-bread loaf with the fillings prepared

Garnish with chopped almonds and resins

Cover the top with a loaf and place in a griller, and viola!

You can use toasted bread loafs, or a multigrain bread, add some more veggies, and nuts of your choice to make it healthier. Did you know a sandwich can taste delish without mayo and other condiments? Here is the no-mayo sandwich healthy recipe. Enjoy and have a nice day!

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