Rose Flavored Semolina Pudding

This is like a semi-nutritious because it has sugar. If you are diabetic replace the sugar by boiling half a cup of jaggery in water and use it instead of sugar. But for this recipe I have used equal amounts of sugar so I wouldn’t call it nutritious, but, yes this is comfort food. Wellness is not about physical health alone, it’s also about feeling good.

It’s early morning, and my favorite time of cooking because cooking is meditative and I enjoy cooking as much as I do designing clothes, gardening, writing, poetry, art, and literature. I tasted a few edible flowers before making this recipe. Calendula, nice color and texture but it tastes a bit bitter. I love Tulips, but can I eat Tulips? I had no idea about that. How about daisies? oopsie-daisies, but then I thought, do I want a daisy flavored pudding? They have a bland taste. So I settled with the thought of making rose flavored pudding.

With 4 ingredients you can make a delish edible flower flavored pudding. I am not a fan of using measuring cups or ready made syrups. All the measures are approximate. Semolina comes in a few varieties, choose the one with very tiny grains for this recipe.

Now, the Ingredients

1 cup semolina(sieved)

1 cup sugar or jaggery (boil jaggery in water and use it)

Rose petals from 2-3 rose flowers

A few pods of cardamom

Half cup of chopped almonds and cashewnuts


Clarified butter( wouldn’t recommend regular butter because it is salty)

The Beginning

Boil rose petals in water with sugar and cardamom pods until the petals lose their shade.

Stain and keep it aside.

Heat clarified butter in a pan

Add a cup of sieved semolina until it gives an aroma and turns slightly brown

It could take 2-5 minutes but, you have to keep stirring to get an even texture.

Add one cup of sugar or jaggery water

Stir and add chopped dry fruits for 2 minutes.

Garnish with chopped dry fruits and relish!

This is a simple, 5-10 minute recipe when you want to feel good. A better supplement to emotional eating chocolates. Are you an emotional eater? I so understand how that feels. But when you use alternatives to sugar to make this dish, you become a healthy emotional eater. So, say, aye aye to this recipe already and pamper your taste buds. Nope, health is not taking a back seat if you do this once in a while.

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