October 17, 2021


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Nutty Grilled Low-Fat Sandwich

So, I was on a long hiatus, but I promise to update this blog at least once a week with a healthy recipe. What is someone tells you, ‘go make me a sammich,’ just like the LOL cats, you would do it with love, and why not, who does not like a nice platter of …

Evergreen A-Maize-Zing Pancakes

The pre-historic food with a twist of spices, greens, and veggies. Most of us dislike greens though they are health boosters. This is an easy healthy recipe to rustle up in a few minutes and get all the yum on the taste buds and nutrition for the body and mind. Get your veggies, and chop …


Magical Superhero Quinoa For Bombastic Energy

Super food? Say, yeah yeah yeah, anytime of the day, because a bowl of Quinoa could keep the apples away(if you are not a fan of apples). On a quaint evening, after doing some fiction writing and illustrations, I write fantasy fiction( yas yas, you can read my fantasy fiction from this link and enjoy …

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